The day pepper entered my nose.

Princewill Kalu

Being able to cook doesn’t mean you should own a restaurant, just like being able to sing doesn’t mean you should become a recording artiste.

I might not be exceptional at it but the good news is that unlike some young people I can boldly say I’m a good cook. Ok this isn’t a competition but before you start laughing at me or feeling you’re a better cook, has anyone ever craved for a food you cooked? Well I have been able to achieve that milestone! Now you know what I mean.

Okay here’s the main gist, the first time I ever did what I would refer to as “Professional cooking” was when I got tired of eating rice and spag in school. I needed to eat something really Nigerian so I cooked this “nice looking” okazi soup, unfortunately each time I ate my beautiful looking soup It was with…

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Life in the fishbowl

Princewill Kalu

Let the pastor’s family out of the fishbowl, they’re not a goldfish! they’re humans like you! 

My friends always tease me that I read very “serious books” But It’s not always my fault because those are the only books I find in my father’s bookshelve. One morning I went to search for a book to read when I came across one titled “Pastors at risk” I decided to take a glans & find out if I’ll love to read this one. As I flipped through the pages I saw something interesting in a chapter and that’s what I want to share today. It reads;

“I was a preacher’s kid in a family filled with preachers, and I’ve been a pastor myself for thirty-one years. My parents  never lived in the church we served, but I had grandparents, uncles and aunts who did. Even as a young boy, I could not…

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You’re Either White Or Black #NoGray

Princewill Kalu


If you can’t be committed and honest in your relationship with God, you’re most likely going to have a commitment and honesty problem in your relationship with your spouse, family, friends and even at work.

The average person you meet on the street is either a Christian or Muslim. Christianity forbids drinking of alcohol and Islam too forbids drinking of alcohol, Yet in 2009 Nigerian breweries recorded over 200 million naira (over $120m) from the sales of beer, and the record keeps increasing every year. Now my question is, since Christians and Muslims don’t drink alcohol, which person(s) drank beer worth over 200 million Naira in just one year???

Here’s how I coined Jonathan McReynolds’ “No Gray”

Sometimes we’re split in two; one part of us loves the world and the other loves God, which puts us in a dilemma; what do I do? I wanna be saved and I…

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So our guest blogger Daniel Idiabor has something to share, enjoy!

It feels like a dream right now.

Its been four years since it all started, and now am better for it.

I can definitely say that all that happened was to ease my becoming a better person.

At the level I am now I could say I have been through hell and high waters and still am standing strong, and I can tell you that it was not all by my inherent abilities but all by the ever blazing Grace of my Father.

Alright already, having gotten you to this point of wondering what happen, let me let you in on the gist:

Like I said earlier it all started four years ago when I left Senior Secondary School ,with a sense of assurance like every Secondary School leaver that I will be admitted into the university immediately or at least the year after, well it didn’t turn out that way .

I wrote J.A.M.B (an examination body responsible for organizing examination that qualifies a candidate for admission into a university) 3 TIMES before realizing I was on the wrong path in life. After this experience, as someone sold out to God I started asking questions.

****In life there’s nothing like wrong answers, just wrong questions. When you ask the right questions you get the right answers.

Questions like “am I on the right path in life?” “what am I on earth for?” “what is my PURPOSE on earth?”

These questions lead me to discover that:

Every person  is created for a particular PURPOSE and no one is an accident or a mistake, everything was on PURPOSE and for a PURPOSE.

This lead to the beginning of a relationship in my life that has been a major contribution to my growth as an individual, I am talking about the relationship between my father and mentor Mr Noah Toluleke (THE PURPOSE CENTRE). He took me through the school and lessons of PURPOSE that made me realize that I was on the wrong path . It would be incomplete if I don’t mention the immense contribution of my Pastor, Pastor Kingsley, his teachings and testimony of how he got his admission to school which inspired me to have faith and hold on, with utmost confidence that I would get my desired result.

I was a science student in Secondary School and I wanted to be a Medical doctor solely because that was what my parents thought was the right path for me.

****In life no one can discover you Purpose for you. Your job is not to decide your Purpose but to DISCOVER it by asking your Creator, just the same way the best person to tell you how to use your BlackBerry phone is the manufacturer of BlackBerry.

After going through the PURPOSE school I rediscovered myself and discovered that I was more art inclined and not science and had to follow this new-found right path for my life.

This required a change of course in the university and re sitting for WAEC and NECO . I had to go back to Secondary School and prepare for subjects I never did before.This was not too challenging but convincing my parent was the real deal.After long series of talk, they finally agreed based on the truth that God’s PURPOSE  must stand.I got a lot of support, counsel and direction from my mentor, this made it easier to handle the situation in all.

****I can’t dispute the place of a mentor or father in the life of anyone who wants to succeed. Their presence in your life just makes things easy in the journey of life. Without a mentor you will go astray, and without a father you can’t see farther.

I wrote WAEC that year instead of NECO,against my mentor’s advice and it cost me another year, although I did very well in my JAMB and POSTJAMB and got admitted into the University of Lagos (UNILAG).  I failed mathematics due to the mistake I made.

****Your mentor isn’t someone whose advice you ignore,he is someone whose advice you take, truth is that most times you might not understand the things they tell you to do, but just do it anyway,after you see the result you will the understand.

Yeah so I had to chill again for another year, did I mention that its is the fourth year after secondary school. I wrote NECO and had to take JAMB for the fifth time, this time everything worked out well.I passed JAMB and the POSTJAMB.

My name is the fourth name on the admission list of UNILAG for creative arts, and now I am a genuine student of UNILAG.

I faced some challenges but will mention a few and how I overcame them,

  •  I had to deal with pressure from my family to continue with the ‘pursuit of Medicine’. Such pressure will arise if you want to do God’s purpose,since I understood how frustrated I would be if I neglect God’s purpose I stood on God’s will and He eventually had His way.
  •  I had to deal with the fact that it took a long time to get into a university, but I didn’t put my life on hold because I did not get admitted in time.I improved other areas of my life, especially the gift I discovered I had, like Speaking, Acting and Service. I was always told any anyone that cared to listen/ask that I am a student of UNILAG even when at that time the physical reality was yet to be. I also started two businesses, a Laundry and dry cleaning  outfit and a Food & Beverage business.These has helped to prepare me for university even more.
  •  I had to deal with the temptation to get involved in examination malpractice,but  knowing who I represent (God), and knowing what is right and what is not I refused. It contributed to my not doing well in maths the second time, but the third time I still didn’t cower in fear to conform based on  my previous experience, I still stood for what is right and I came out of it victorious.

I dare you to stand what’s right today, and trust God absolutely  and completely and I’m certain He won’t let you down. Don’t you ever believe the lie that if you can’t beat them join them, you can stand out and they will eventually join the team right.

It does not matter what you are going through now, with God you will definitely come out if the Champ, I am not certain of the outcome without God, but with God it is certain you will win. Though it might take a while, I had to wait 2 years after discovering my path to get admitted, but it did not mean that God was not going to honor His word, so it doesn’t matter how long it has taken, God is always on time,hold on, you will end up victorious.

I want to  specially invite you to a seminar on Monday 6th October 2014.It’s a public holiday so…I know I will see you there.Its going down in David’s Christian Centre  Victory Dome behind PHCN office,Fatgbems bus stop,Amuwo Odofin, Lagos and its tagged ‘School is for lazy people ‘.


Thank you and Keep on Excelling.


Yipee!!! The Mind Of Bella is 1!!!

I can’t believe its one year already… 😀 I’m super grateful to God,I never could have started all of this without Him.He has been awesome.

I remember starting up and asking myself ‘Can I do this?’ but I must confess its one of the best decisions I have ever taken.

Big shoutout to all my readers…y’all have been amazing.*even in my inconsistency * I love y’all so much.Thank you for believing in me, God bless you * Mwuahhh*

And there is a giveaway *Drum rolls* in the spirit of celebration, there is a  surprise gift for the 7th person to comment on this post.




It’s time to stop asking questions about the benefits we are to derive from being children of God and start focusing more on how useful we can be to Him as His children. I always say if your focus is more on the material blessings or benefits we get from being  Christians, then you’re no different from an exploiter because the bible says “Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and its righteousness and other things shall be added” but these days, most people are more concerned about the material benefits that they become ineffective and unproductive in the house of the Lord just like in 2 Peter 1:5-9. We are disciples of Jesus therefore our lives should involve teaching and demonstrating how to live out Christian principles for others to imitate, so they in turn can someday make disciples for Jesus .We are to continue this cycle until His return. Continue reading

It Wasn’t Chicken Pox After All…

I’m so sorry for this long absence.thank y’all so much for the calls and messages,I love y’all so much.

Ok the gist…

I woke up on Tuesday morning,said my prayers and  was off to do my chores,when I noticed something.My torso up was filled with chicken pox like rash.Chai! .I almost cried,immediately I went to show mum ,it turned out she had the same rash on her skin too (this devil ehn).

After I freshened up,(after squaring my mind,that its chicken pox for the second time,which was considered rare),I went to get the very popular “Calamine Lotion”.and through out that day,i was white all over (  -_-) .The painful thing about this situation was I saw symptoms oh!,but i thought it was pimples and mosquitoes bite.To add fire to the thing,I had  so much lined up for the week.

We prayed about our health,not forgetting what the bible says in

Isaiah 53:5
Amplified Bible (AMP)
 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole.


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My FAB sisters on Mummy E’s whatsapp group,also joined me to pray (I love those girls scarra)

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